Drunken Yoda here to review another Overlooked movie: 1986’s SpaceCamp. This little movie has a great concept and somewhat flawed execution. Word has it that Disney+ is looking to make a new series based on the movie, so just in time here is a look back at SpaceCamp.

Those of you who remember SpaceCamp more than likely remember the Challenger disaster that it’s inextricably linked with. It’s unfortunate and probably no other movie had a worse issue of real-life events affecting it. But if you can think of some, I’d love to hear it!

SpaceCamp stars Kate Capshaw, Lea Thompson, Tom Skerrit, Tate Donovan, Kelly Preston, and Joaquin Phoenix! Yes, that’s right – the Joker as a little kid! Music by John Williams, and the last film made by ABC Motion Pictures which was closed down in October 1985.

As a kid, I absolutely adored this movie. As an adult… less so but still have a soft spot for it.

Did you watch SpaceCamp? Did you see it in the theater as I did? Or have you never heard of it? Let me know what you think.

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