April last year, we had an article about JJ Abrams producing a number of series for HBO Max. One of them, The Overlook, which was a spinoff of The Shining, based on the hotel where The Shining took place.

It seems now that HBO Max is not moving forward with the production. Bad Robot, JJs production company, are still trying to find another company to sell it to, which may be Netflix.

Originally the series was part of a huge deal, between Bad Robot and HBO Max, which was all connected with Warner Media. The Overlook was ordered, but the series was still only under development at the time.

The series has been written by Dustin Thomason and Scott Brown. Inspired by The Shining, it would centre around the hotel and would explore the terrifying untold stories of some of the other residents and their experiences.

The other two projects that HBO Max ordered from Bad Robot, are still moving forward at the moment. Duster is set in the 70s and follows a getaway driver, played by Josh Holloway. The other is Justice League Dark, but not much is known about either at this time.

HBO Max recently decided not to give another of Bad Robots productions, Lovecraft Country a second series. Even though the first series was nominated for about a million awards.

The Overlook might have been interesting. The Shining is generally considered one of the best horror movies ever made and the sequel, Doctor Sleep, which came out last year, did pretty well at the box office. Both The Shining and Doctor Sleep were based on Stephen King novels.

With series like The Haunting of Hill House and American Horror Stories being popular, you’d have thought HBO Max would have jumped at the chance at The Overlook. Maybe they read the script and just didn’t like them. Maybe there was too much stuff in there about the moon landings… who knows?

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