The Devil makes work for idle hands.  And by Zeus’ beard are your hands idle!  Remember, every time you do THAT the Goddess kills a Chinese person.  What?  You didn’t think this really was an undercooked bat did you? We warned you not to make her angry!

It is time for you to put your quarantine to better, more productive use.  Use that greatly pleases the movie Gods and keeps your hands away from that temptation.

So it falls once again to me, the most reverend Reverend to hear your confessions.

Confess, you filthy sinner.  Confess.  This time you must confess to the truly awful:

What terrible, awful, shameful and embarrassing movie are you going to actively make time to match while isolated? And why?

No man can judge a sinner unless he has sinned himself, and been forgiven. So to prove my worthiness to hear these confessions on behalf of the Goddess, Gal Gadot, I offer my own humble confession of my enjoyment of cinematic putridness.

While in isolation I revisited Jaws: The Revenge and I have shame. I will carry this shame forever. For in a moment of weakness I did crumble and accept the roaring shark into my life.

Why? Because it has been a bit 15 years since I had seen it and I wanted to see if it was as bad as I remembered.  It was.

Now it is your turn.  Confess!  CONFESS! What crimes against cinema will you let into your homes during this isolation? What terrible movie temptation will you give in to?

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