FX has released the first trailer for The Old Man. The Jeff Bridges-led series will launch on June 16th with the first two episodes, and will then release episodes weekly up to seven in all. It is based on the bestselling novel by Thomas Perry. Bridges plays ex-CIA operative Dan Chase. Chase walked away from The Firm and has lived off the grid for decades.


When an assassin tracks him down and tries to kill him, he is forced to go on the run. This places him firmly back on the grid again, and soon more enemies are on his tail. These include the FBI’s Assistant Director for Counterintelligence (John Lithgow), that man’s protege (Alia Shawkat), a special agent (E.J. Bonilla) who has a shared and complicated history with Chase, and a lethal private contractor (Gbenga Akinnagbe).

Amy Brenneman, Bill Heck, Leem Lubany, and Pej Vahdat also star in the series. It was adapted for television by Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine.

The series was announced in July 2019, with FX ordering a pilot. Jeff Bridges was cast to star. Recent Spider-Man trilogy helmer Jon Watts directed the first two episodes, and is also serving in an executive producer role

The show was two-thirds of the way into shooting when production shut down in mid-March 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Production resumed in the fall with three episodes remaining to film.

It was halted again when Bridges was diagnosed with lymphoma in October 2020 and left to undergo cancer treatment. The show stayed in production for a short period after Bridges’ diagnosis in order to shoot scenes from the remaining episodes that do not feature Bridges’ character.

In September 2021, Bridges announced his cancer was in remission. The production ultimately resumed in February 2022. The show is expected to stream on Disney+ via the Star+ banner internationally.

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