Many times delayed, a political football at the studios and then impacted again by a Hollywood merger, The New Mutants has not had an easy ride into theaters. Now Vulture have the inside story on just how troubled this really was.

Director Josh Boone was clashing with 20th Century Fox during the making of the movie. Then Disney moved in with the Fox acquisition but this seemed to do nothing to steady ship. Some actors spoke about the studio politics impacting the creative process.

Now Vulture have published an article speaking of attempts to push extensive re-shoots to add completely new characters, or to change the film’s tone dramatically. However the director held the line and it seems that the version we will see id the version he wanted, after his movie was left intact.

Boone says he set out to make a low-budget horror mixed with a John Hughes style teen drama such as The Breakfast Club. However the script couldn’t be landed through numerous re-writes. The movie as originally to be set in the 1980’s in keeping with the Hughes vibe.

When Storm from the X-Men was to appear as a captor and tormentor of the teens, who included one character that spray-painted penises onto things as their shtick, the studio were most unhappy. Fox threw writers at it such as Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weber, Chad Hayes, Carey W. Hayes, Joshua Zetumer and Seth-Grahame Smith. Nothing made the studio happy.

Then when they saw a rough cut of the movie Fox were so unimpressed they were going to can the entire project and never release it, maybe start the whole project again from scratch. Then Fox washed their hands of it and walked away, enabled to do so by the merger. Disney then found themselves with an unwanted addition to the X-Men universe they needed to die before they could push the characters into the MCU. They didn’t like the movie either.

Eventually Disney OK’d it as long as X-Men references were played down and characters removed. Boone has said in interviews that if the film is a success me wants to make Power Pack and set it in the MCU.

Wouldn’t hold your breath there Josh. For a start, the movie is not being screened for critics. Usually a sure fire sign of a stinker.