You know society has gone too far when The Muppets are deemed to be offensive.

One of the greatest mistakes anyone can make when looking into the past is to judge it according to the morals and social norms of today. Historians used to be clear on this point.

However, we no longer live in a sensible, adult society. We pander, as a civilization, to shrieking children with a blue check on Twitter, as corporate conduct departments rush to appease the noisiest with scant regard for common sense. Meanwhile, the adults shrug their shoulders and just get on with life, focusing on important things like paying the mortgage and feeding their families. Which is why, as a society, we now exist in Clown World.

The latest thing in a long line of comedic, and tragic, pandering to the overly sensitive is the news that Disney has put a warning label on the streaming release of Jim Henson’s 1970s The Muppet Show on Disney+.

All five seasons started containing the warning. They must be expecting uproar in Sweden due to a certain chef’s “problematic” racial stereotypes or something?

Actually, we had better not give them any ideas. Absolute Muppets.


You can catch The Muppet Show in all it’d glory streaming on Disney+.