The Meg 2 is to start filming, the author and friend of Last Movie Outpost, Steve Alten, has confirmed. His publicist tweeted that shooting is to start at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, just outside London, on the 24th January. Next Monday.

The Meg
Leavesden Interior Tank – Stage D

Leavesden is home to two massive water tanks, interior and exterior, plus some of the biggest studio spaces in Europe. Other shooting will take place on location. The original was shot in studios in and around New Zealand as well as on location.


Free Fire and Kill List director Ben Wheatley has been talking about this movie for months now, saying:

“I’ve been doing storyboards now for The Meg 2 for seven months. It’s very present in my mind. It’s gonna be massive. It’s really really exciting.”

Wheatley also spoke about star Jason Statham’s legendary on-set chess matches and admitted that makes him nervous:

“Yeah, I’ve seen that on the making-of, my chess game is not great so I’m slightly worried about that. If it was Connect4 I’ve got more of a chance. I haven’t been beaten since 1988.”

Fans of the original novels will know that the first movie had little resemblance to the first novel in the series after the long route through production hell. Other than featuring a giant shark from the depths and a lead character called Jonas Taylor, there is not a lot connecting the two.

In the closing sequence of the novel, the newborn pup of the Meg, already the size of a great white shark, is captured. It is placed in the newly completed, football stadium-sized whale lagoon at an oceanographic institute in Monterrey Bay and placed on display.


The sequel – Meg: The Trench – features the now fully grown pup escaping after a terrible accident and wreaking havoc down the West Coast of America, while a shadowy figure from Jonas’ past places his family in mortal danger. It is not known how much of Alten’s plot from this second book will feature in the finished movie.

Read our exclusive interview with New York Times bestselling author and creator of The Meg, Steve Alten, here.

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