The Jason Statham vs. giant shark movie The Meg was a breakout smash-it, surpassing all of Warner Bros. expectations. It played extremely well with the teenage demographic. Therefore it was always expected to get a sequel.

What we didn’t know was when we can expect it. When we talked to author of the Meg series of novels, Steve Alten, he said it was coming. Then we heard that a director had been set in the unexpected form of Ben Wheatley.

Now Steve Alten’s assistant, Kelly Rollyson, has confirmed via Twitter that The Meg 2 will shoot this year, 2021, for a 2022 release.

The first movie changed the storyline considerably from Alten’s novel. Whereas the second Meg novel, called The Trench, picked up directly where the first novel finished, the movie didn’t have anything like the same conclusion.

Spoilers Follow For The Books And The Movie

The first book, Meg: A Novel Of Deep Terror ends with a gore soaked massacre in Monterrey Bay that leaves a whole flotilla destroyed and dozens dead with the giant shark vanquished and it’s recently born offspring captured, already the size of a moderate Great White shark.

The second book picks up with the captured shark now significantly bigger and the star attraction at the Tanaka Institute in a giant man-made lagoon originally designed for humpback whales. A series of grisly accidents, complete with insurance implications and lawsuits, have placed a serious strain on the finances of the institute and on Jonas Taylor himself.

The movie did not feature the Tanaka family, switched the location from the pacific and California coast to China and left out the existence of the institute with it’s empty whale lagoon, or the shark being pregnant.

Jason Statham will return to the role of Jonas Taylor alongside director Wheatley and it is expected there will be at least a few big changes from the plot of the books.