It’s my turn to review The Mandalorian this week, as it appears that I’m the only person who enjoyed last week’s episode. So, the big question is… am I a shill? No, I mean the big question is, did I like episode 2? Damn right I did!

Star Wars Kylo Yes

There will be spoilers I’m afraid as it’s near on impossible to do a review without them. However, I’ll keep them light without going into too much detail because I don’t want to give it all away because dare I say it, this is actually enjoyable Star Wars.

All The Familiar Faces

As we know, Mando wants to head off back to Mandalore so he can bathe in radioactive waters or something, all because he got his helmet out in front of a kid and he’s ashamed. OK, that’s not strictly true but you know the story by now.

The episode starts with Joe Pesci as Peli Motto fleecing a Rodian for some repairs to his speeder that has had its parts stolen. As the bartering takes place, in flies Mando and Grogu who are looking for parts to fix IG-11.

Peli can’t help and neither can her Jawa buddies buy luckily R5-D4 (remember him) is for sale and just what Mando really needs. However, he still seems to be having trouble with his motivator all these years after first appearing in Star Wars (it’s not called A New Hope).

Even though R5 is reluctant and in need of repair, a quick oil bath, some tinkering from Pesci Motto, and some encouraging words/threats soon see him join Team Mando, and all three head off to Mandalore.

Mando Joe Pesci
Joe Pesci from Home Alone as Peli Motto.

The Mines of Mandalore

To be honest, Mandalore isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it looks pretty cool and habitable on the surface. Regardless, the team land and Mando tells R5 to go and scan the area and make sure it’s safe and breathable for him to explore.

Without giving too much away Mando eventually heads out of his cockpit and ventures off into the unknown and this is where things ramp up with the pew-pews, laser swords, and a concoction of monsters and creatures, most notable are what can only be described as Space Morlocks.

“Excuse me Mr Mando sir, I think I’m in the wrong franchise.”

There’s no time for introductions as it all kicks off and Mando whips out the Darksaber and waves it around like some damn fool, reminiscent of that fat Star Wars kid from the early 00s.

Having made short work of the Space Morlocks, Mando, and Grogu head off to the demolished and abandoned city below them in search of the Living Waters so Mando can go and wash his sweaty nuts after that fight.

Mando Darksaber

It’s A Trap!

Things are going swimmingly for our protagonists until Mando falls into the trap of a big-arsed cyborg creature. He’s locked in a cage and quickly hooked up to a machine to steal his blood.

Before he passes out, he tells Baby Yoda (who went undetected) to get back to the ship and with the help of R5, go and get Bo-Katan for help.

If Nancy Pelosi was a cyborg.

We finally get to see Grogu do something other than look cute and eat babies as he navigates his way back to the ship, fights some more Space Morlocks along the way, and tells R5 where to travel to.

They make it back to Bo-Katan who wastes no time in suiting up and rushing off to save Mando as she fights her way through the city before taking on the big bad and saving Mando’s sorry arse.

And do you know what is great about all this? She does it without any sly comments about wimmin’ power, useless men, and all the other nonsense that Sarlac Kennedy insists on injecting into everything since her takeover of this once-magical franchise. In fact, Bo-Katan even makes them all some dinner like a good little lady.

“Mando, sweetie, do you want pickles in your sandwiches?”

The Living Waters

Once fed and back on their feet, it’s time for Mando to go and get that bath he so desperately needs. And this is where I will leave the review.

I said I didn’t want to spoil too much so I’ll leave the rest for you guys to watch and I really do recommend this episode. We all give Star Wars a lot of crap, and rightfully so, but The Mandalorian has delivered 99% of the time and this really does feel like a proper Star War… for me anyway.

Boba Phil and Drunken Yoda busted my balls on the Livestream on Sunday for my liking last week’s episode. In fact, they called me a woman, live on air! But any show that can give me 45 minutes of escapism from the real world, politics, “The Message”, work, and the realization that I’m nearing 50 years old, is A-OK in my book.

Bo, Mando, and Grogu heading off for a bath.

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