Star Wars isn’t going away any time soon, so it’s here and we all have to get through it. We’re going to get through it together, so here’s our review of The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 1: The Apostate.

*spoilers ahead*

There is a recap of previous shows, and of course a couple of episodes of The Book of Boba Fett, since you have to have watched this to understand what’s going on.

We open with the Armorer and she is crafting new armor. It is for a new Mando that’s going to be added to the ranks. Other Mandos stand around and the initiation starts. The Armorer says about not taking your helmet off, this is the way etc.

"This is the way"
“This is the way”

Out of nowhere, a creature attacks and interrupts the ceremony. This fight was pretty cool as the Mandalorians defend their ground. A sudden blast damages the creature, which comes from Din Djarin and Grogu.

The Armorer keeps going on about Din taking his helmet off and so now he’s an apostate. The only way to redeem himself is in the waters of the home planet of Mandolar, which has been laid waste. Din has some Mando text and thinks he can get to the planet and do whatever he needs to do to get redemption.

The Armorer says that if he bathes in the waters on Mando, he will redeem himself and be welcome back in the order.

Din and Grogu head to Navarro, since it seems Din needs a robot and he only wants IG-11, you know, the droid that destroyed itself at the end of Season 1. Greef Karga has now turned the place into a spaceport and keeps all the riffraff out.

Greef thinks Din is back to retire and offers him a nice place to stay. DUH! This is the first episode of the series, he’s not retiring yet. Din tells Greef that he needs IG-11 to help him explore Mandolor, which seems to be covered in a deadly gas.

For some reason, Din only wants IG-11, no other droid will do. Din tries to fix the leftovers of IG-11, only to find he’s reverted back to his original programming and tried to kill Grogu. Greef says there are some droid smiths that can help, in the form of creatures like Babu Frik.

This scene was played for laughs since the droid smiths kept saying something, that Greef then “translated” to Din, even though everyone could him them quite clearly. Everything about IG-11 is fried, including its memory circuits.

Din doesn’t think to get a new droid, he wants IG-11 and goes off to get him fixed. This made no sense since the memory circuits aren’t working, but I guess we need a series.

While chatting outside, Greef and Din confront some pirates and end up killing them. This then catches up with Din, as he flies off into space, one of the pirates attacks and ends up leading him to a main pirate ship, where someone wants Din dead.

This guy is Gorian Shard and I’m sure he’ll pop up again in the series.

Din ends up visiting Bo-Katan, who’s still got the hump that Din has the Dark Sabre. Her armies are lost, the ships she stole are now mercenaries and her battle for Mandalor is over. Din tells her he’s heading there, so again, I’m sure she’ll pop up again.


I know it’s the first episode and I know they are building to something, but I felt there was a lot of filler in this episode. Why Din needs IG-11 and only him is a bit weird. There are plenty of other droids that could help.

The action was good, I loved the opening with the attack at the ceremony and the ship battle was good, but I thought the entire scene of Navarru was just filler to get Carl Weathers back.

I felt they leaned a little too much into the humor as well, some bits being played for laughs, but not really landing them well.

It was interesting to see “something” in hyperspace, does it mean we will see Ezra Bridger soon?

For me, this was a mediocre start to the series. I am looking forward to getting to Mandalor and seeing if they expand on the entire Mandalorian creed.

Overall, it was an OK start to the series. What did you make of it? Have you given up completely?

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