This is what the sequel trilogy should’ve been.

No, I don’t mean they should’ve made this show the sequel trilogy (although that would’ve been a lot better than what we got.) I mean making a story set in the Star Wars universe that ties together elements from all across Star Wars but in a way that everything feels like it belongs. Nothing is shoehorned in for fan service.

Or perhaps it IS fan service, but to paraphrase from another property, not the fan service the suits think we want, but the fan service we need.

Everything that happens is set up beautifully. All elements that may have had us scratching our heads a bit (Din never takes off his helmet?) is all paid off perfectly in season 2 and finally to a nearly flawless climax in this episode.

It’s a simple plot and I should’ve seen what was coming. But since they had set these elements up earlier in the season, the actually subverted my expectations to give me something better.


I’m not going to recall the plot or give any spoilers. That would be a disservice to you. We have a discussion going on here so knock yourselves out. But please keep spoilers out of these comments for at least a few days.

But to sum up, are there flaws with this episode? The only one that I saw, or at least I thought was a flaw only to come back and surprise me. Other than that from a storytelling perspective, the Mandalorian viagra brought back my Star Wars boner again.

What this show does is highlight the missed opportunity of the sequels. Yes, there’s a lot diversity here but no one is torn down to build others up. That’s the difference. That’s how you do it correctly. Favreau and Feloni have knocked it out of the park and have done so with respect.

If you haven’t picked up this season yet or the show because you’ve felt burned, believe me, I feel you. This will help. Do yourself a favor and start from the beginning. Know that everything is building towards something and even when it isn’t, it’s letting you enjoy the universe for what it is.

Good job guys.