We here at LMO love movies so since 2019 is pretty much over we thought it would be cool if we each talked about our favorite flick from the last 12 months.

RunforitMarty — Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Photograph by Andrew Cooper
Brad Pitt stars in Columbia Pictures “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

This was a no-brainer for me as this was easily my favorite movie of the year.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood has everything I want to see in a movie: great characters, fantastic sets and costumes, terrific actors, and gorgeous cinematography (the writing and editing weren’t anything to sneeze at either). The total package.

Critics would say that the movie really doesn’t have a story and they would be correct. However, that’s the point. It’s just a few days in the lives of an actress, an actor and a stuntman in Hollywood, California in 1969 and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Drunken Yoda — Dolemite Is My Name

Well, I wanted to pick The Mandalorian but that’s probably cheating. While I saw nothing in the theater that really wowed me this year, Netflix came up with Eddie Murphy’s new starring vehicle, Dolemite Is My Name. This little gem was amazing.

In a weird way, this movie IS Star Wars. It’s the hero’s journey, just by way of making it in Blaxploitation. I was completely taken by Murphy’s performance as Rudy Ray Moore and his struggle to be successful. He meets people along the way and takes down the big bad Empire of “You can’t do it, Rudy.” Yes, he can.

Overcoming obstacles-type movies are always catnip to me and this one has it in spades. Everyone is likable and it’s also pretty damn funny. Give it a shot.

MacLeod — The Irishman

Hitman for the mob Frank Sheeran, recalls his past years working for the Bufalino crime family and the Teamsters Union, his most prolific hits, and his involvement with his good friend Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance.

My guess is most people expected to see something along the lines of Goodfellas or Casino but got something a lot slower paced, and that’s fine with me. This may be Martin Scorsese’s farewell to the Mob genre, and if it is, De Niro and Pesci done him good as Sheeran and Bufalino, respectively. And Pacino also brings one of his most memorable roles to the table as Hoffa.

I get this might be divisive, but in my opinion, the final hour is perhaps one of Marty’s finest, and that final shot stuck with me for a few days. I loved this movie!

Red Dwarf — The King

Henry V inherits the English crown and must come to terms with his court being full of self-important nobles who are only interested in their own interests with a treasonous and deceitful court. Somewhat of a recurring theme in Medieval European history.

Historical accuracy is sometimes brushed aside for this drama set in the early 15th century but where the film excels is re-enacting medieval battles, the majority being between the English and the French.

The flavor of the year, Timothée Chalamet (Lady Bird) plays Henry V taking over from his father Henry IV (ever the scene-stealer Ben Mendelsohn) making it his policy to wage war against France which cause offense in paying respect to the new English king. The campaign will bring military prestige to Henry V and reinforce his claim to the crown, with the side effect of the English gaining rich territory in France. The English armies are fighting on foreign soil against a larger French army led by the French prince (The Dauphin) the new Batman Robert Pattinson. Hopefully, DC get their act together and cast Chalamet as Robin alongside Pattinson’s Dark Knight, for laughs.

The film shows a number of battles of the campaign leading to the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, the greatest military victory by England. There is a lot of blood and violence in this film. Some may say they stole some imagery from Game Of Thrones’ Battle of the B’stards. Decide for yourself.

Why have I picked this film as my film of the year? It is buried on Netflix, it is probably only of interest if you are into Medieval European history and Robert Pattinson is pretty good in it. I can see why people are clamoring for Chalamet, but I don’t see why he is being hailed as the new Robert Pattinson…yet.