For something like 25 years a movie script has been rumbling around Hollywood, seemingly always on the verge of being made, and then ever making it into production. It’s becoming almost legendary. The Last Voyage Of The Demeter.

The story is an expansion on a small part of Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel, in which the Demeter is a Russian ship bound from the Black Sea to England. On board is Dracula in his coffin. As the voyage progresses, the vampire picks off the crew one by one.

In the book the ship arrives at Whitby with nobody living on board. Depending on which adaption you watch there are various other versions of the same segment.

In the recent BBC and Netflix adaption the entire second episode was set on board the vessel and serious storytelling liberties were taken place Agatha Van Helsing on the ship at the same time. In other versions there is a single survivor who is Renfield.
Corey Hawkins (Kong: Skull Island, 24: Legacy) is apparently set to star in this adaption at Amblin.

Corey Hawkins

Zak Olkewicz re-wrote the much altered script. Andre Ovredal (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark) will direct.