There are some key cinematic touchstones in all our past. Some classics, some not so great but that still mean a lot to us because of when they came into our lives. Growing un the 1980’s I am lucky that most of those touchstones were absolutely awesome! One among them is The Last Starfighter. The 1984 story, starring a pre-Jaws: The Revenge Lance Guest, was special for the entire generation.

The timeless tale of a young, frustrated hero with hidden talents going on a great adventure never really gets old. And so it was for the story of young man trapped in a dead end trailer park whose single joy is playing the parks Starfighter video game.

When he breaks the scoring record he is visited by an alien recruiter who explains that the game was delivered to the park in error. It was meant not just for another town, but another planet! The game is actually a recruitment and training simulator for a real-life interplanetary conflict that is raging in the galaxy and he’s about to be drafted.

For years the rumors swirled of a potential sequel but it seemed forever blocked by some legal ownership rights and an owner being resistant to any attempts to reboot, remake or sequalize. The co-writer of the original Jonathan Betuel was working with Rogue One writer Gary Whitta.

Betuel has spoken to Moviehole and seems to think these blockers are being resolved:

“It looks like we’ll be making the deal to get it going. Gary’s a gifted collaborator, we’ll be writing the script together but it’s taken a long time. I had to go through a process that took years to recapture the rights, but that was recently completed and although nothing is ever clear sailing, it looks like we have a really good opportunity now. So I’m really looking forward to taking it up.”

There was a rumor that maybe a streaming show would be it’s eventual form. Betuel says this is not so. He says it is:

“…a movie with all the bells and whistles…”

He gave more details around their chosen direction:

“The leads are now parents and time has passed. It’s not a remake, it’s going to continue the story. What’s changed is time itself, certainly as the video world and the alien world have continued to tick away. It’s not a time capsule of the ’80s by any means, we’re taking it to the next level. Passing the torch…or the joystick.”

So is it finally happening? Will we finally see what happened after Alex and Maggie left for the stars?