Can it really be happening? Are we finally about to be recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada? The Last Starfighter 2 is finally going to be realized? We reported on this before but it went quiet again.

My nostalgia glands are twitching and my 80s flashbacks are intensifying. It’s been decades. Screenwriter Gary Whitta (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) has been pushing for this for years and had commissioned various pieces of concept art and outlines. Now Whitt and his team have produced yet more and have pulled together a concept reel while revealing the title – The Last Starfighters.

Whitta did a live stream to discuss the movie where he confirmed again that he is working with the original screenwriter Jonathan Betuel. Freelance concept artist Matt Allsopp (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Edge of Tomorrow, Godzilla, Fable 2, Killzone 2, Fable 3) created the art, while Chris Tilton adapted Craig Safan’s original score.

The whole vibe is a perfect match to the original.

On the Livestream, Gary Whitta said they are now very close to getting to the starting line with this:

“We are, I believe, very, very close. Closer than anyone has ever been to making a new Last Starfighter movie, like right on the one-yard line. After pushing the boulder uphill for many years we are very, very close.”

“I can’t really say anything more other than that because there’s all stuff happening behind the scenes, there’s things I can’t tell you, but we’re very, very close and I believe it will happen.”

Originally The Last Starfighter was directed by Nick Castle. The well-loved movie centers on Alex (Lance Guest), who completes a Starfighter video game. It then turns out the game was a recruiting tool and he is enrolled by an alien recruiter to be part of an elite legion of real Starfighters.

Alex leaves for the stars and is the last hope for the Star League and hundreds of worlds in the face of a ruthless enemy.

Whitta shares the passion of us 80s kids for this movie:

“This was a huge, huge movie for me as a kid…It’s a fan favorite since the 1980s when it first came out, a lot of people from my generation remember it, love it.”

“It’s very well loved in Hollywood as well, anytime I would go to a general meeting at a studio or a producer’s office they would say a common question you get asked, ‘So Gary if you could do anything what would you do?’ I would say ‘I would do Starfighter,’ and they would light up and say ‘Oh god yes we want to do that too.'”

It feels close. If the voice of fandom can make AT&T force Warner Bros. to spend $70m on a movie they tried to kill, surely the studios looking at this will be able to understand that if they make this, we will come!

The rights issues were famous for delaying any sequel for many years. Screenwriter Jonathan Betuel retained a portion of those rights and was thought to be the blocker. If he is involved in this then finally we can find out what happened once Alex and Maggie left for the stars.

Maybe Hollywood has learned its lesson lately? That giving people what they want, rather than what the studios think is good for them, is a winner.

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