Ahhh Brazil! Home of the girl from Ipanema, immaculately coiffured vaginal topiary, the Copacabana, and Miss Bum Bum. What is not to like? It is also home of the CCXP convention that has been responsible for the big trailer drops this past week. It seems studio heads like beach volleyball as much as we do. While they were down there, HBO have released a second trailer from their upcoming TV series adaptation of The Last Of Us.


Based on Naughty Dog’s acclaimed game, The Last of Us is set twenty years after the destruction of modern civilization in a biological apocalypse involving fungal spores. It tells the story of Joel (Pedro Pascal), a hardened survivor who is hired to smuggle a girl named Ellie (Bella Ramsey) out of an oppressive quarantine zone. The seemingly small job becomes a brutal journey as they come to depend on each other for survival.

Within seven days of the original game release, The Last of Us sold over 1.3 million units, becoming the biggest video game launch of 2013 at the time. Three weeks after its release, the game sold over 3.4 million units, and was deemed the biggest launch of an original game since 2011’s L.A. Noire and the fastest-selling PlayStation 3 game of 2013 at the time.

By August 2014, the game had sold eight million copies: seven million on PlayStation 3 and one million on PlayStation 4.

The first season of the HBO show will adapt the original 2013 PlayStation exclusive, but is confirmed to deviate in some places. Showrunner Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) explained this is to expand and flesh out elements from the game’s story, not to drastically change it.

The Last of Us will debut on HBO on January 15th. It will be released on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

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