Well look at us! Barely one year old and we’ve already got ideas way above our station. We may well only be a bunch of refugees from other movie sites that went eye-wateringly woke or a little bit gropey, but we can still behave like a big, proper, grown-up movie commentator if we want!

And what do big, proper, grown-up movie commentators do? Well they produce lists. Lots and lots of lists.  And polls too. So we are going to copy our more mature colleagues and bring you THE LAST MOVIE OUTPOST TOP 100 MOVIES OF ALL TIME.

And it’s your call! What normally happens in any highbrow movie publications is that everyone votes for their favorite movie of all time and then Citizen Kane wins. Now, that is a fine film, but does that really reflect the tastes of a core audience? We would wager not. So this time around we place our trust in you, our fellow Outposters.

Here is how it works. Please DO NOT waste your listing them out in the Disqus below. We have the technology and one of us clearly has a lot of time on his hands.

What we need from you is this:

  1. Decide your top 30 movies of all time.
  2. eMail the list, from highest to lowest, to contactus@lastmovieoutpost.com
  3. Put “top movies” in the subject line on your eMail.
  4. Please DO NOT number them in the eMail, simply list them from highest to lowest and only 30 of them.

That’s it! That simple. Leave the rest up to us, gentle Outposter. Judgment shall be rendered. 30 movies per Outposter. No more, no less, in order.

Voting will run for the rest of this week and over the weekend. Voting closes at 10 pm Eastern, US time. Then from next week, we shall start the reveal.

Vote soon, vote early. Whatever you do, don’t forget to vote!