Did you know that the Last Movie Outpost has a podcast? Coz we do! It’s full of excitement, hard-hitting questions, and deep understandings about the end of Midsommar.

OK, so it’s not quite that exciting, but I sit down once a week and talk about the movies I’ve seen that past week. OK, so you have to listen to a Brit talkin’ cockney init, but I’m pretty sure some of the movies I talk about are new to you and some you may have never heard of.


I am on a mission this year to watch 1,000 movies and I am well on track. What is getting harder for me is watching things I haven’t seen before. I have been digging up movies from the past, finding some obscure films, and giving some of them a watch for the first time. Then, on the podcast, give you my thoughts. Some are gems, some are utter crap and some are just a mystery.

I try to make them fun and, at the very least, make them interesting.

Also on the podcasts, Drunken Yoda puts up the audio from the live streams on a Sunday, so if you can’t get to see them, you can download them and listen at your leisure. The live streams usually talk about some of the news for the week and then we discuss something specific.


If podcasts are your thing, the links are below and we’re trying to get a new one up every Thursday, and the live stream audio on a Monday.

We have a YouTube channel, you can subscribe HERE.

And a link for the podcast is HERE.

We are trying to make more content and make more videos about movies and streaming. It also really helps the site out in general if you head over and subscribe for us and put the word about with everyone you know, your grandma, your cat, the neighbors, random people you meet on the street, an ex-lover…everyone.

With the podcast, what I would like is some things to discuss. If anyone is up for it, you can even join me as a guest. If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments below or email me: [email protected]

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