If you have been with us for a while then you know the drill. We have taken it upon ourselves to try and fix a few things. Right the wrongs that Lucasfilm and Disney have done to our beloved Star Wars franchise. Yeah, who the hell do we think we are, right?

You can find our first attempt, limited to The Last Jedi, here. Then our very own video-meister Drunken Yoda charted a course for video Oktoberfest by creating a video version here.  That was too restricting though, given the damage. So…

Then we really did bite off more than we can chew with this attempt. Part I of this you can find here. Both of these articles include a little background and some ground rules. Get caught up! You did? Good. Then on with the show.

The Story So Far…

As told in Part I – A series of devastating terrorist attacks have hit the Outer Rim, causing militias to mobilise for defence as they lack faith in the ability of the New Republic to keep them safe. Back on Coruscant the Senate is split on how to respond. Senator Leia Organa, responsible for the defence of the New Republic has dispatched Han Solo and Lando Calrissian with Chewbacca to investigate.

Just as they make contact with a notorious Twi’lek gangster on Tatooine they are attacked by mysterious foes using old Imperial equipment and barely escape with their lives, and a new potential ally in the form of the gangster herself – Arula Cain.

Meanwhile Luke Skywalker is conducting his own investigations on behalf of his new fledgling Jedi Order which causes some tension with the Senate of the New Republic. In the depths of Coruscant’s underworld he has tracked down a notorious arms dealer – Kit Baser – who is making himself richer shipping old Imperial technology to the Outer Rim to help the militias arm themselves. This arms dealer has a connection to the notorious gangster.

He also has a particular set of skills that intrigue Luke, and ownership of a long forgotten relic that Skywalker considered lost many years ago…

The Last Movie Outpost Fixes… The Entire Sequel Trilogy

Episode VII – Act II

Iris Wipe To… The Galactic Senate building

Luke strides purposefully down the corridor with Artoo rolling behind him, Jedi robes flowing as he moves. A man on a mission. A Jedi Master, not a broken down hermit. As he sweeps into Leia’s office she looks up, Leia’s usual fire in her eyes.

“A warehouse on the lower levels, a gunfight… a wanted criminal and fugitive, and you didn’t think to tell me?”

Luke, not surprised his sister knows everything, explains that he didn’t go there to arrest Baser, but to get information, which he did. He passed that information on to Han and Lando to lead them to Arula Cain.

Leia is still not happy as she should have been told, she wanted Baser too, and because that information ended up nearly getting Han and Chewie killed.

“If you are concerned about how any information about what Han and Lando were doing on Tatooine got out, Leia, you should be looking closer to home rather than worrying about the Jedi Order.”

Leia concedes that Mon Mothma knew about their mission and found out for herself, they discuss the possibility of a leak somewhere in the Senate. Leia mentions new information about other large purchase of Galactic Civil War surplus equipment and Luke says he will personally transport the information to Han in the Outer Rim in order to prevent another leak. But first he wants to talk to someone about something…

Iris Wipe to… the lower levels of Coruscant

We see Kit Baser moving quickly, furtively through the crowds in the dark, grubby lower levels. Past street vendors, beggars, garish neon lit bars and clubs. We also see somebody is following him, but we can’t see who. Baser stops. As if he senses something…


…at that moment, behind him, a speeder with an enclosed cockpit slows and the business end of a blaster rifle emerges from the window as…

…Luke Skywalker explodes from the crowd. It was him who was following Baser. As the blaster fires Luke arrives behind Baser, bundles him to the floor with one had while the other ignites his lighsaber and bats away one, two, three blasts effortlessly. Baser stumbles to his feet, looking around at the scene as the speeder disappears in to the distance, fast. It’s over as quickly as it started. He looks opened mouthed at Skywalker. Yesterday they were fighting, now this Jedi has just saved him.

“Whoever just tried to kill you in the plain sight, in the middle of a crowded street has already tried to kill your contact on Tatooine, and the fact they were with a General in the New Republic Fleet the time didn’t trouble them at all. I need to know who they are, what they intend to do next and, if necessary, stop them. I am going to need your help.”

We next see Luke and Baser in a dark and dingy bar. They are in a booth at the back, seated next to each other. Both are scanning the crowd, their backs to the wall with a good view of the door.

Luke speaks:

Luke: “Whatever is going on, I would imagine they will try for you again.”

Baser (still agitated): “They came for Arula Cain after I told you she was my buyer. Then they came for me. You are at the center of this Jedi. You knew, and then somebody tried to kill both ends of the pipeline. Coincidence?”

Luke: “You would have been dead by now, out there in the street, if it wasn’t for me.”

Baser: “I was only defenseless because you took my lightsaber!”

Luke (raised eyebrow): “Your lightsaber?”

Baser and Luke continue to bicker, Luke digging into Baser’s background and where he got the lightsaber. His father was a seller of weapons. Got rich selling Galactic Civil War surplus weapons to anyone who would pay. Empire remnants, breakaway Rebellion factions, smugglers, criminals, gangsters. Then the war ended and the New Republic tightened up arms controls. Just like that, his father’s business collapsed. His father blamed the New Republic. Said they were as bad as the Empire, just more pious. Control freaks who over legislate to try and maintain order. Senators living a comfortable life in the spires of Coruscant not doing anything to help the people down here on the lower levels. Luke doesn’t necessarily disagree with him.

Kit Baser… sort of…

His father was also obsessed with collecting old Jedi and Sith relics and artefacts. He used his arms business to help identify and track down anything he heard about. One artefact occupied him completely. The lightsaber of Luke Skywalker, lost in a duel against the infamous Sith Lord Darth Vader on one of the Tibana gas mining stations at Bespin. Luke smiles to himself, but says nothing.

30 years ago it was found, deep in the bowels of a Cloud City by maintenance Ugnaughts. They nearly disposed of it, not knowing what it was. His father had exchanged a case of old Imperial armor for it. The Ugnaughts had no idea how valuable it was.

Luke: “What do you know about your father? Before you were born… before he was a seller of weapons?”

Baser: “He came from nothing. He as a street rat on the lower lower levels. He begged. He stole. He swore he would never go back to that life.”

Luke: “And how does a child, alone, with no money, become one of the most notorious arms-dealers in the galaxy?”

Baser explains his father seemed to have incredible luck. A talent… or something else? He never got caught. He seemed to be able to sense trouble. Whenever he got a small amount of money together, from begging, or he stole it, he would play illegal street games for money, and he always won.

Eventually he graduated to the underground gambling dens of the Coruscant depths, then the casino’s in the Spires, eventually the high stakes games at Canto Bight and beyond. However he attracted the wrong type of attention due to his seemingly incredible luck. When he sensed he was a marked man, he returned back to the shadows in the lower levels, the streets he knew so well. He used his money and his connections to start trading guns.

Luke: “And you…? You seem to have inherited your fathers talent? Or is it just the same basic low cunning your chosen career needs to you to have to survive?”

Baser (suddenly angry): “Who the hell do you think you are? Judging me. You know nothing about me. My father came from nothing. He built his business from nothing. It took a rival dealer and an ambush to take him down. He was everything to me. I am just carrying on my family business. Why can’t you Jedi, and your masters in the Senate just leave everybody alone?”

Luke: “The New Jedi Order doesn’t serve the Senate. We are independent. Last time we served the Senate it didn’t turn out to well for the Jedi.”

Baser: “And why should I tell you anymore about me? I don’t even know who you are Jedi, or why you seem to think you have the right to my lightsaber?”

Luke: “Your father gave it to you. Before it was your fathers it was mine, and it was given to me by my father.”

Baser (wide eyed): “You mean… (he’s working it out, processing…) you are Luke Skywalker? You fought that duel against Vader?”

Luke: “Yes… and I think I know who your father really was!”

Baser stares at Luke, mouth open, goes to say something, stops, just remains dumbstruck.

Iris Wipe to… the Galactic Senate Building

A Senate session is in progress, Leia Organa is speaking while Mon Mothma looks on.

Leia: “…a further attack in the Outer Rim where whoever did it clearly had no concerns that a New Republic military detachment was present, leading us to consider…”

Renden (interrupting): “A military detachment you did not inform the Senate you were sending, Senator (sneering that word) Organa.”

Senator Kenth Renden. Mid-50’s. Rake thin. Snobbish air. Seems like he is looking down his nose at anyone as he speaks. A product of a lifetime as a diplomat and politician. Pamperered and so pale he is almost as grey as what remains of his hair.

Leia turns on him, bristling. No better at controlling her emotions than she ever was.

Leia: “Senator (same inference he used) Renden, I am responsible for Galactic security, I acted on my authority and my perogative, I have no need to…”

Renden (interrupting again): You realise we are no longer at war? You aren’t in your rebellion now, this is the Senate of the New Republic! Perhaps we need to consider a limit to military authority? We all know what can happen if certain… powers are allowed to be unchecked.”

Leia (furious): “What are you implying Renden?”

The rest of the senate looks on, some clearly enjoying the show. Mothma, clearly weary and very weak rises unsteadily to her feet and bangs a gavel in front of her.

Mothma: “Enough!”

Both Leia and Renden turn to look at her.

Mothma: “This is what terrorists do. Sow fear in populations and discord in governments. If we carry on like this then we are just doing their… whoever they are… bidding.”

Renden (simpering) : “Chancellor Mothma, I was merely reminding Senator Organa of exactly that need for a united front against this threat.”

Leia fumes. Mothma is unmoved. They get into a debate. Leia wants to send a sizeable group of forces to the Outer Rim in anticipation of further attacks. Renden says the Rim worlds are already angry enough at what they see as interference from the core in day-to-day affairs. Renden claims there is talk on some worlds of the New Republic being oppressive. Mothma looks horrified at this.

Leia: “My sources tell me the exact opposite. Some worlds are crying out for help, they think we don’t care and that they are on their own. Militias are arming for what they say is self-defence. Tensions are up between communities. We are leaving a void and local governors are unable to fill it… you know what happens when people feel threatened and that the governments don’t care. They will turn to anyone.”

Renden (snorting): Listen to yourself Organa. Scaremongering. Trying to impose your control. Still fighting the last war. You know, I don’t think you have ever really liked politics, and have always fancied yourself a military commander. I am sure you would like nothing more than creating enough tension out there on the Rim that you get your war!”

Leia (absolutely furious, spitting mad): “Have you ever been to war Renden? No, of course you haven’t, look at you! If you had you would know that nobody who ever has never wants to go back to it, under any circumstances!”

Renden smirks. Mothma bangs her gavel again.

Mothma: “I have heard enough, this isn’t getting us anywhere. This decision is adjourned pending more intelligence. Senator Renden, let us talk. I am troubled by the idea that people consider our efforts to maintain order as oppressive. A private conference, if you will?”

Renden walks out of the chamber without a glance at Leia. Leia’s eyes follow him out of the chamber. If looks could kill.

Iris Wipe to… the New Jedi Temple on Coruscant

Luke is seated at the archive console, a hologram playing. Baser stands behind him. It’s a familiar scene shown from a different point of view. A tall man in the Jedi Temple, surrounded by terrified padawan younglings. They seem to be speaking, suddenly a lightsaber ignites and the children start screaming. Luke pauses the hologram, clearly still deeply troubled by having to watch it again.

Luke: “My father.”

Baser: “Nice guy.”

Luke: “Your father was a gun runner and war profiteer. I don’t think either of us can judge.”

Baser: “Fair point. So what does this all have to do with me and my father?”

Luke explains that he knows the Force is strong in Baser. Clearly he has inherent skills. However nobody has ever taught him what it was, why he feels like that and that he can do some things, sense some things, that others can’t. There were 12 Padawan in the Jedi Temple that night. There were 11 bodies.

One who hid. One who ran. One who got away.

A child who fled the temple. Hid from the Sith and the Empire on the streets on the lower levels of Coruscant. Who used his unexplained skills to survive, and eventually thrive. Used these abilities to control outcomes. The one who got away from Darth Vader’s massacre at the Jedi Temple was Kit Baser’s father.

This is why Baser’s father was obsessed with Jedi relics and Sith artefacts, and why he was determined to find the mythical lost lightsaber of Luke Skywalker, lost in a duel with the Sith Lord Darth Vader. It’s the lightsaber that tried to kill him, taken in a duel with the Sith who was wielding it.

Baser is stunned. Staring at the frozen hologram. Luke breaks the silence.

Luke: “And now I need your help to get to the Outer Rim without anyone knowing.”

Iris Wipe To… The Galactic Senate Building

Threepio is fussing around Leia’s office. Saying he doesn’t see why they have to go all the way to the Outer Rim, why it’s beneath Leia as a Senator to travel in what he thinks is an errand. Leia replies that she doesn’t trust anyone else. Something is clearly going on and somebody is leaking Senate plans and ideas to whoever was behind the attack on Han at the meeting.

Threepio: “If there is a leak, Mistress Leia, surely somebody will know where we are going?”

“Let me worry about that!”

Luke announces as he arrives. He tells Leia he has secured covert transport. Leia outlines that she needs to deliver a message directly to Han than can’t go out over coded Republic frequencies.

As they leave in Luke’s speeder, driven by Artoo, we also see another speeder following them through the Coruscant traffic… it’s the speeder from which somebody tried to kill Baser earlier on the lower levels.

At the end of their journey they walk onto one of Coruscant’s many landing platforms as per Phantom Menace and Attack Of The Clones we see a Corellian CX-100 light freighter waiting for them.

A familiar VCX-100 Light Freighter

The loading ramp hisses down and standing just inside is Baser. Cue an argument with Leia about being a wanted criminal, and how as a Senator it’s unwise for her even to be seen with him, let alone travelling with her.

Baser: “In that case we had better get going!”

As Luke, Leia, Artoo and Threepio board we see somebody is watching through binoculars from an adjacent pad. They watch the ship lift off and climb away, then begin to chatter into a communicator excitedly.

End Of Act II… To Be Continued…