There was always a chance that, among the extensive rogue’s gallery in The Batman, that a certain Clown Prince Of Crime would make a cameo appearance somewhere in the movie. Not so, according to a new rumor. However, he will feature extensively in both of two planned sequels.

The first movie is taking cues from The Long Halloween graphic novel. In that almost the entire rogue’s gallery appears, some in a very brief cameo, as the worlds greatest detective hunts a serial killer through Gotham’s underworld as a gang war rages between the “freaks” and the regular mob families. That story features The Joker.

The Direct and are now reporting a rumor that has gained traction across a lot of outlets. Reeves is planning for The Joker to appear among the villains in part II and part III of his planned Bat trilogy. The character will be referenced in the first movie but will not be seen.

More interesting rumors are that Bane will also appear in the second movie and that Warner’s have given serious thought to a Bane standalone movie similar to the treatment The Joker got. Does this mean that this version of The Joker will be Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck?

The Batman will be set during Bruce Wayne’s first years as a costumed vigilante but will NOT be an origin story. Production starts again post COVID for an October 1st, 2021 release.