The classic HG Wells 1896 novel has been adapted many times. One of the most famously troubled productions in cinema history was the Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer 1996 adaption.

The characters even appeared in the second volume of the graphic novel League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

A creation of his played a pivotal role in the battle against another of Well’s creations in the second instalment of that story.

Now Gunpowder & Sky’s sci-fi production label Dust have announced they plan to try again. They will produce a TV adaption of The Island Of Dr Moreau.

This version will apparently be a modern on the tale of Englishman Edward Prendick who, is shipwrecked on an island where a mad scientist has been carrying out terrible experiments with humans and animals.

This version gender swaps the title character, because of course it does, and brings us Dr. Jessica Moreau who is a world-renowned genetic engineer. She will be backed by a mysterious billionaire searching for the next step of human evolution.

X-Men: First Class writer Zack Stentz says the series will take into account everything we now know about DNA, gene splicing and modern advances. This is the first time the tale has been told on TV, despite a number of movie adaptions.