Once again the digital halls of Last Movie Outpost will echo to the sound of a great debate. The very cut and thrust of online movie fandom, exposed for all to see. The white hot crucible of high-brow, intellectual movie debate played out in the public sphere. Or simply just us all shouting at each other in CAPS. You truly never know how it is going to turn out.

“Rian Johnson – is hanging too good for him?”

The topic of today’s debate is tied to an ongoing discussion on the site. Boba Phil has got the bit between his teeth about bad movies. If you haven’t already visited our poll and voted, and joined the debate about the worst that 2022 had to offer movie fans, then please head over to that thread right here to get involved.

Today we don’t debate what the worst movie of 2022, or even all time, actually is. We will talk more about the mechanics. As one Outposter pointed out in Disqus, some of these films in the poll might not be very good, but are they objectively bad? So the topic for this debate is:

What actually makes a movie bad? What are the components of a bad movie?

The Last Jedi actively laid out a juicy cable on the fanbase and the characters. But it was very technically competent. Avatar made more money than anything, ever. Yet you can pull apart it’s inherent shallowness and borrowing from other sources all day long. The Room is truly terrible, yet inherently fascinating and still possibly a giant practical joke.

See. It is harder to define. And like Marisa Tomei, the more you think about it, the harder it gets.


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