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This time, we talk streaming.

“Who the f*ck has Apple TV+ anyway?”

The market has reached saturation. The tide is turning as analysts look for profit over growth. Old hands are losing subscribers. New challengers arise. We, the customer, just face ever increasing bills to stay on top of the multitude of options. For the purposes of this debate, we are not including sources that those of you who choose a life on the high seas may favor, dropping anchor in notorious bays of ill-repute. Agreed?


In the old days, you just had Netflix or Amazon Prime. It was easy. Then they all came. Hulu, HBO Now, CBS All Access, Vudu, Starz, Tubi TV… like a flood.

Recently I have been spending a lot of time at Apple TV+, devouring Slow Horses and Echo 3. Disney+ remains a great service in a house with kids and adults of a certain age. Outside the US it includes the entire Fox library of movies and shows too. Predator via Disney+ still feels wrong, yet so right!

Yet Paramount+, another latecomer to my household, has Tulsa King, Yellowstone, and Rise Of The Billionaires.

Old staples like Amazon gave me Jack Ryan, Netflix with Cobra Kai and the upcoming Extraction 2. All this is before I even get to Peacock and others that lurk as free add-ons to my premiere satellite service.

Too much choice. Viewing overload. A decision must me made. Who is the best considering price, content, original programming and reach?

Out of all the streamers, who do our Outposters crown as the Daddy of streaming services?


If this is a Highlander situation. There can be only one! Who will you choose, and why? When the global financial system collapses and the WEF troops order you to remain in your fifteen minute city, eating bug burgers and waiting for your shared electric car to recharge (it’s been three weeks), you will own nothing and be happy with the one, single and solitary streaming service your measly social credit score allows you to own.

Choose wisely, Outposters.


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