Movie cliches. We need them. Their familiarity brings comfort and they are the unwritten rules that bind the movie universe together. Movie cliches tell us that your average American home is so unsecure that it can be broken into by simply smashing a single pane of glass and twisting a single catch on the inside of the door. Every renegade cop has an angry chief, usually black, who shouts a lot.


In this world, all telephone number start with 555 and handguns are deadly accurate at 100 yards. Operators are instantly recognisable because they wear tan clothes, have wrap-around sunglasses and a beard. Computers can do, literally, anything.

This is the topic for today’s debate:

What are the greatest movie cliches?

What are your favorites and your not so favorites? Which one makes you roll your eyes, or chuckle with contentment every time it turns up on screen?

“Your phone number does NOT start with 555!”

We have always been very fond of the way that movie people can walk off a bullet wound, and that everywhere in the whole world seems to have CCTV that law enforcement can access from anywhere, instantly. What about yours?


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