Debate time again at Last Movie Outpost. Now, any Outposter knows that we are massive fans of movies. We love them. That is why we are here. However, those same Outposters also know that we are not such big fans of the machinery behind movies these days. The catch-all term for which we refer to as “Hollywood”.

It is a curious place. Despite clearly being a dream career destination for anyone with a love of movies, and therefore surely able to filter the very cream of the crop, it seems that somewhere along the way the real talent is certainly not making it far up the greasy corporate pole.

Away from the actors and directors, special FX wizards, craftsmen and all that, it seems the closer you get to the offices – where the real decisions get made – the shallower the talent pool. The idiotic decisions that flow from these ivory towers is staggering.

“I put it to you that you are from LA and a fucking idiot!”

Everything you see of most studio heads and their fellow suits leads to the conclusion that these people would not last five minutes in many, most, all other industries. Think of your chosen career, and the senior leaders you have encountered. Now try to imagine them still being in-situ after a stream of colossal cock-ups of the kind made in Hollywood regularly?

Yet in Hollywood they seem to consistently fail upwards.

The Sony emails leak exposed senior leaders of being the kind of person you wouldn’t trust to make the coffee in your own workplace, let alone marshal billions of dollars of movie production. However these people just keep being rewarded.

Whether it is making a remake of The Italian Job but setting it in Los Angeles, to somehow making a complete clusterfuck out of Batman Vs. Superman, the stupidity of the town is legion. This is the topic for our debate. Which one takes the cake? The gold medal of idiocy?

What is the single most idiotic decision Hollywood has ever made, and why?

Somehow we don’t think there will be a limited choice.


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