The Great Debate returns to Last Movie Outpost. Our Outposters are master debaters. The white hot crucible of movie discussion and disagreement is where they hone their craft. Everyone loves a good argument. The topic for today’s debate comes from one of you, an Outposter. WeDontNeedToTalkAboutKevin suggested we debate:

What is the greatest scene in an otherwise completely terrible movie?

You know what we mean. A movie that is a slog, or just generally lacking in quality, that has a single scene in it that is so good it just seems completely out of place. It doesn’t elevate the movie, but it’s a real standout in a sea of mediocrity.

“I put it to you that one scene cannot save a movie!”

His suggestion was the opening scene of John Carpenter’s Vampires in which some glorious, and inventive, vampire slaying action complete with vampires bursting into flames in the sun is never quite lived up to for the rest of the movie.

Other suggestions from Outposters including Angry Kitty and others are the opening flashback of the massacre on the deck top dance floor of the cruise ship in Ghost Ship, or the Samuel L Jackson speech scene in Deep Blue Sea. Achilles vs. Hector in Troy?

So what do you think is the greatest scene in the worst movie? Go for broke and tell us all about it below. Join the debate and make your case!


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