Last night I started watching The Terminal List on Amazon. Another viewing commitment and the latest thing off my ever-growing watchlist. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, The Boys, Stranger Things, The Old Man, Reacher, Yellowstone… it is not entirely clear if I will ever get enough time to finish everything that keeps coming along and getting added to the list. The content just keeps building across multiple platforms and providers.

This set me thinking again, and a debate formed in my mind. These thoughts first started to occur to me way back when Game Of Thrones was really getting into its stride and The Walking Dead was still good. These two shows were bringing us Hollywood standard productions week in, week out directly to our own TVs. It felt like a golden age of TV could be dawning.

“Yes but its no Baywatch, is it?”

Yes, there have been some false starts for shows, particularly with most of the Marvel TV offerings and at least half of the Star Wars shows, but there is still so so much stuff out there, and more coming and some of it is actually good. Some of it is excellent. There are also an increasing number of movies being produced by the streamers.

Meanwhile the content flowing to movie theatres seems a bit… how can we put this… samey? 7th, 8th or 9th sequel instalments. Superhero copy and paste. Legacy sequels. Mega-franchises. Even when it is good quality, it can feel a bit plastic. It’s like a gourmet burger rather than a perfectly cooked filet mignon. So today’s debate is a simple one:

Is TV and streaming now ahead of cinema and movies?

I think it might be. These days it takes a real event to make me venture out to the movie theater, and yet there aren’t enough hours in the day to make a dent in the appointment viewing content across various providers.


So have at it, Outposters. Is the war over? Have movies in cinemas been upstaged and surpassed by their long time poor relation?

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