The Great Debate returns to Last Movie Outpost to ask the questions other outlets are afraid to ask. This time, we talk about the very survival of a beloved franchise.

Remember back in 2012? George Lucas and The Walt Disney Company shocked everyone when then-CEO Bob Iger announced that Disney was buying Lucasfilm, Ltd. in a $4 billion deal. Suddenly we were getting Star Wars sequels. The original cast was returning. Excitement was at fever pitch.

This was it! We were positively giddy with anticipation. The foul stench of the prequels was to be expunged. However, some among us had their reservations around the House Of Mouse. They were all…

And they were right.

The Force Awakens and Rogue One may have lulled a large proportion of us into a false sense of security, but then The Last Jedi happened. Solo cratered, The Rise Of Skywalker served itself a shit sandwich and the franchise was booted to television.

The Mandalorian gave us hope, then The Book Of Boba Fett undid that good work, and an important story point in the process. We have done Obi-Wan Kenobi to death together as Outposters. All in all, it’s not a happy or healthy outlook for the galaxy far, far away.

We hear the cartoons are pretty good, but still – cartoons.

“Cartoons… you know, for kids!”

We all have plans in our heads, as Star Wars kids, people whose childhood was pretty much designed by George Lucas, to save Star Wars. Reboots, timeline alterations, different galactic time periods. Now we ask the ultimate question at LMO. Is there any point at all?

Is Star Wars even worth saving anymore?

Are you hanging on in there? Or have you just had enough? Is there anything left in the tank? Or should it just die? Have at it, Outposters!


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