The Great Debate returns to Last Movie Outpost to bring you Christmas debating joy. Not quite peace on Earth and goodwill to all men, but we will take what we can get! Just like the Ho-Ho-Hoes we are here at the Outpost, we are going to milk this special day for all it’s worth, like the most reverend Reverend’s prostate on his last trip abroad.

“He wouldn’t even have been at Nakatomi Plaza if it wasn’t Christmas!”

Christmas movies. Sometimes magical and special, frequently truly awful and cheap and lazy. Yet Christmas would not be Christmas without the annual debate over whether Christmas Vacation is truly better than European Vacation, and how many times it is acceptable to watch Elf.

Of course, every red-blooded Outposter knows and understands that Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie ever made, simply because it’s fucking Die Hard for God’s sake! If anything is second best, it’s probably Lethal Weapon which is also a Christmas movie.


However, if you were forced to grudgingly not choose wither of those two movies…

Which movie would be the greatest Christmas movie of all time?

What is essential Christmas viewing for you and your family every festive period? What has become a tradition for you? And what makes is the greatest Christmas movie of all time?


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