The Gray Man is doing big, big numbers for Netflix right now, so they aren’t sitting around. Netflix reportedly has put a sequel and a spin-off into development with Joe & Anthony Russo already. They will be back as directors with Ryan Gosling also returning.

As with the first instalment, the Russos will also produce the sequel via their AGBO production company.


The first entry was only released last week and was the number one movie in 92 countries. The critics vs. audience split was pronounced here. Critics looked down their noses at The Gray Man with its straightforward action vibe, but audiences lapped up its no nonsense thrills and simply entertaining approach. 91% audience score vs. 48% audience score. Almost the reverse of The Last Jedi just after release.

We liked it a lot here at the Outpost, because we are simple folk who just want to be entertained.

The sequel will apparently be written by Stephen McFeeley alone, instead of with his writing partner Christopher Markus. The sequel is already rumored to draw more heavily on the Mark Greaney novel that served as the starting point for this adaption. Mark Greaney is one of the writers continuing the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan novels following that author’s passing.


Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (Deadpool) are aboard the spin-off as writers and it is said to be aiming for a Hard-R approach.

The Russos are busy at Netflix with their feet well and truly under the table there. The Extraction sequel, starring Chris Hemsworth, is due out early in 2023. The first entry was Netflix’s biggest movie for a long time. They are confirmed as not returning to the MCU for Secret Wars, despite them saying they might be interested in that particular project.

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