The single biggest criticism of the DCEU, recently renamed the DCU, was the total lack of a plan. When the Nolan Dark Knight movies showed DC a way, the decided they needed that approach for Superman, and even went as far as bringing Nolan on as producer for Man Of Steel.

Then when the MCU went big, they decided immediately they needed to change path and get their own team-ups going. These were rushed through via Batman vs. Superman and the Justice League debacle, with Wonder Woman and Aquaman doing their own thing off in the background somewhere.

Batfleck Justice League

The whole thing was a mess. For years fans were asking why they didn’t just sit down and come up with a plan when they started? Well, finally it looks like they are getting their shit together.

Late last week there was a big town hall meeting at Warner Bros. Discovery where DC Studios’ new co-CEOs and chairpersons, James Gunn and Peter Safran, were introduced to the company by CEO David Zaslav, and the company was then informed that they are currently spinning up the single, central and cohesive DC Universe “Bible”.

According to The Wrap, who are reporting on the meeting, Zaslav revealed that this bible will govern a single plan and vision for multiple business units and run over a full decade. Safran had this to say at the event:

“This was such a unique opportunity to tell one great overarching story. One beautiful big story across film, television gaming, live-action, and animation.”

Gunn went on to say:

“I love Superman and I love Batman. I love their interaction. I love the ways in which they’re the same and the ways in which they are completely different.”

He then spoke directly to the CEO to confirm that it was this new approach that made both Safran and Gunn sign up:

“David, I just have to say quickly that I know that you are doing all this because you love these characters too, and you love the possibility, and the hope that they represent and that has been clear to us from the beginning. We would have never considered this if that wasn’t the case, so, thank you.”

Gunn was recently on social media, where he confirmed that all DC films will be under the new DC Studios umbrella, and this includes the upcoming sequel to Joker and Matt Reeves’  sequel to The Batman.

So the smart money is still on The Flash multiverse shenanigans somehow bringing these worlds together?

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