You know by now that we love a contribution from our Outposters here at Last Movie Outpost. Now we have a first-time contribution straight from one of you – Reaver Of Souls. He has entered the murky world of Star Wars fan edits with The Force Awakens: Restructured. Here is his take on this new spin on a controversial movie.

A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

I think if I were to sum Star Wars up in a single word, it would be… possibility.

Through any doorway, over any horizon in the Star Wars galaxy, is an unfathomable chance of something amazing. Our heroes can be campy droids whilst its villains can be sympathetic yet monstrous. Nothing is off the table.

Coupled with highly spiritual concepts, at its core it really does have a true sense of magic. As an 80’s child, the desired return to that feeling has been something deeply rooted within my psyche.

Alas, the sequel trilogy under the stewardship of ‘Chatty Kathy’ Kennedy was unfortunately hollow. The morality and the divine made way for committee-approved talking points. The noble became an entitlement. The heart of Star Wars had stopped beating. After the Mandalorian however… there was hope.

Star Wars

Star Wars has been subjected to many revisions. Always in motion, it is.

So I decided to take the plunge into fan edits. Perhaps I can rectify the “what is” by immersing myself in the “what could be”? These edits do not run contrary to the canon, but they are less lazy in their approach than the cinematic cuts. First up…

The Force Awakens: Restructured

The movie has literally just finished for me as I begin to write this up. I have to say that I am somewhat shocked and confused. This version of the movie works very well because of the cuts and additions. So I then find it hard to understand why I ever took issue with The Force Awakens in the first place!

Thinking about the sheer amount of care and attention placed into this edit, I can only say that this was far superior to the original release. The film actually ticks along nicely with nothing much noticeably different until we meet Han.


I did pick up on the fact that Finn doesn’t morph into black Ric Flair while he and Poe escape the First Order. I think there was one “Wooo” in total. This is in comparison to all the “Damn son, yeyah!” lines I seem to remember previously. This is a man raised by what is essentially the Empire 2.0. They originally felt compelled to make the guy ghetto and that always felt off. Well, that’s gone.

Back to Han. The conversation has been trimmed. You’d never realize what is actually gone vs. the theatrical cut but this actually feels like Han, which shows how awful the cinematic cut must be. There is also no holochess or comedic tomfoolery here.


The most noticeable, and I would say bankable, edit that drew my attention was at Maz’s castle regarding Anakin’s lightsaber. Many clumsy lines are gone preceding it but when Rey receives the vision… holy shit! All I can say is that what follows is masterful.


We hear Yoda, and Obi-Wan but also the Emperor alongside a further few subtle images that seem to be from the cutting room floor. Honestly, it really works well.

Another new scene has Leia send an emissary to warn the Senate. This is someone who we later see again during the destruction of the New Republic planets.


Kylo isn’t actually revealed to be Ben Solo until Han & Leia reunite. Snoke too seems to be introduced later than I recall originally. The most effective edit, however, is Starkiller base.

The ticking clock for our heroes is the countdown to it firing upon the New Republic. The death of Han coincides with the laser firing. The sequence is combined with the Resistance fighters trying & failing to thwart it from happening so we really are hit in the feels all at once from more than one direction.

Leia reacts not only to Han’s demise but also to the millions of lives lost. It is very reminiscent of Alderaan’s effect upon Obi-Wan without falling into being a straight-up copy.


I’m absolutely amazed at how much better-paced & fresh The Force Awakens: Restructured turns out to be against the cinematic version. The real meat, however, will be The Last Jedi.

Movie provided courtesy of HAL9000 Fan Edits.

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