Warner Bros. Pictures has a lot riding on The Flash. According to rumors it is the giant reset button that allows their plans for the future of the DCU to unfold, featuring both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton versions of Batman. Not only that, but the test scores were absolutely off the charts positive.


They are so all-in on the movie, that even lead Ezra Miller’s apparent mission to self-destruct could make them pull the movie. Miller has issued a public apology and has disappeared from the public eye while he gets help.

They have confidence. They have moved it forward a week to target Father’s Day on June 16th. This means it will be up against Jennifer Lawrence-led R-rated drama No Hard Feelings and the latest Pixar effort, Elemental.

Black Adam looks set to underperform, so The Flash has to do the business or whatever James Gunn and Peter Safran have planned may lose steam before it clears the starting line.

Development of movie based on The Flash has been on and off since the late 1980s when Jeph Loeb wrote a screenplay.

The Flash

David S. Goyer was involved in a Ryan Reynolds led version which also fell apart when Goyer left the project due to creative differences with the studio, as Warner Bros. now infamous interference became a feature, not a bug.

George Miller signed on to direct Justice League: Mortal in 2007 with Adam Brody cast as the Flash. This was to herald a series of new franchises. This also never saw the light of day. Even post-Justice League and Snyder-verse, this version was caught in a “will they, won’t they” dance for years before finally seeing a green light just in time for COVID restrictions to hit and the star to go off the rails.

After that tortuous journey to the screen, you end up kind of rooting for the movie to do well.

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