Before I get into the review, I have to speak about Get Woke, Go Broke. At least for Falcon And The Winter Soldier. In the second episode there was a moment where the cops stopped Bucky and Sam and were clearly racist towards Sam in a nearly cartoonish way. What’s interesting about this is from the rumor on how this was received.

According to the rumor, nearly 80% viewers dumped out of the series at precisely that scene. In other words, they hit the stop button and stopped watching. It makes sense, the silly over the top nature of it would be laughable if it weren’t so insulting. With the George Floyd trial going on and culture war where it is, scenes like this aren’t helping matters.

Apparently possibly 80% of people don’t want to hear this either. People can tell when they are being lied to, propagandized, and preached out. Especially when the truth of they are being told is in question. I leave it up to you decide but its clear that being part of some mythical resistance that puts you on the side of corporations with such reach and power is nonsense at best. And people recognize that. Will the MCU and various other properties survive when these messages are being rejected outright? Or will they wise up and change course?

The sad thing is the rest of the series hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as that particular moment. And this episode was the strongest yet. Good pacing, sensible plot, and good character moments. The episode held my interest far more than any other this season. Things are properly coming to a head and interesting choices are being made. I won’t go into too much detail but suffice to say, the ideas around the blip and how people were affected are explored here.

Blood on your hands
Pretty Good symbolism of what Disney is doing to their own stuff.

Why the flag smashers are doing what they do and how they might be able to be stopped was nearly classic Trekkian in its execution. The idea of talking to people, finding a better way and realizing how you might be the very enemy you’re trying to stop. Good stuff.

The other idea is living up to these superhumans. How can you be Captain America when you cannot do the things that he could do? Especially with … if you’ll forgive the reference… The Whole World Is Watching? Sam never makes that choice so do you really need to that choice? Interesting ideas.

As far as what happened in the blip, so many people were fulfilling exactly what Thanos expected. People who were the outcasts now had homes, lives, only to be tossed out when everyone returns. These are well done ideas of conflict and is based on what came before.

But now so many fewer are watching. What a shame.

I’m not going to try to talk you into watching it either. This is a good episode and the series may get better. But If these megacorps insist on shooting themselves in the foot and ruining their audience’s interest in their properties, I say fine. Let them feel the pain.