Hmm. Well, I may have to reevaluate my opinion on this show. Here’s your newest episode review, “Truth”, for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

See my problem with entertainment so much now is how political it all is. But that is the world we live in so denying it exists doesn’t really help. I also really can’t stand the arrogance of the typical woke lefty, the unwillingness to self-reflect.

So I can’t say I’m any better if I’m not willing to do that.

I listen to a lot of Tim Pool on the side as well as various entertainment YouTube channels and of course I read nearly all the comments on this site, even if I don’t respond to as many as I would like.

There’s a couple of things I’m beginning to wonder if I was wrong about The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, namely that it’s got a lot of woke crap in it.

First off, I mentioned last week about the 2nd episode of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier and how the cartoony the police stop was. In reflection it was so over the top, I’m wondering if that was on purpose. Because here’s the thing.

The globalists are the villains. 

It’s really weird, they are becoming what they proclaim to hate. Which is what I see every day on the news. The anti-racists are indeed the racists. The “resistance” is backed by every power broker on the planet, so what are you resisting? That sort of thing. That seems to be happening in this show.

After last week’s debacle on The Falcon And The Winter Soldier by John Walker murdering a dude with the shield, Sam and Bucky take it back after a pretty good fight. Sam takes it back to Isaiah, the older black super-soldier from back in the day.

Isaiah is pretty damn bitter at his country. To pretend this kind of stuff didn’t go on back then would be foolish and I think he has a pretty good reason to hate the Stars and Stripes. But Sam doesn’t take the bait. Sam decides that this bitterness, this living for all the mistakes of the past, is foolish and it doesn’t heal anything.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier
The Falcon And The Winter SoldierMore like this. Bucky and Sam

He makes some peace with Bucky who does likewise. He also gives Bucky some good advice which mostly revolves around not making it all about himself. Giving people what they need even though it might cause Bucky some more pain.

It’s all very, if you’ll excuse the term, unwoke. I’m actually kind of shocked by it. It’s not propaganda, there are no easy answers to many of these problems but there is a definite theme of not living as a victim.

These are not themes I would expect from Disney. It’s what makes me wonder if the dumb police scene was put in there to fool the gullible.

I could be wrong about all this. I don’t trust Disney any farther than I can afford their stocks but it isn’t what I expected.

WandaVision started out playful and fun and intriguing but the more I think about it long term, it really ended poorly. Wanda was the villain. Sympathetic perhaps but the bad guy nonetheless. There wasn’t anywhere near enough redemption and making good to the people she basically tortured to play sitcom fun time.

This seems to be going in the opposite direction. Now there’s still time for them to wrap the final episode around a telephone pole and set it on fire. But really, digging into what’s happening in this show has a lot more layers than I first expected.

Maybe there’s hope for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier yet.

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