Ohhhhhh so close.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier closes out with a good, not great episode. Nearly everything gets wrapped up as you might expect. Sam becomes the new Captain America and defeats the bad guys with Bucky’s help. Everything is revealed, Walker becomes US Agent, we find out Sharon’s role in this and for the future…


Look I don’t want to go into too much on this episode due to spoilers and such, but suffice to say there are very few surprises. What I do want to get into is The Falcon And The Winter Soldier series as a whole. This episode is a solid 3/5.

Sam has his moment of trying to be as inspiring as Cap but it just doesn’t quite come off. ‘A’ for effort.

The issue with this show is it’s very uneven. Sometimes I was just bored. Other episodes were very good, like 5, “TRUTH”. But so many others were just ok. Episode 3 was a bore.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is Sam’s show. Bucky has almost nothing to do this entire series. He has to figure out how to get past his past and do restitution. That’s about it. Not a bad arc but 6 episodes?

They attempt to make the villain look sympathetic. As I said earlier, the villains are globalists. If they are trying to make her look sympathetic, having her kill innocents doesn’t really work. This happens a lot in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. Sam is working too hard to redeem her but she’s not really redeemable. We don’t see a whole lot where you’re supposed to feel bad for her except she loses a mother figure. That’s not exactly a reason to go blowing up innocent people.

Now that it’s done, I look at this up and down and feel a big shrug. Ok, Sam is Cap now and I would assume that would be the big lead up for a possible Captain America 4.

One thing I do like about the MCU right now is the idea of the blip. Half the people go away for five years and then reappear? Seems like there’s a lot of interesting ideas to be mined there and they only scratched the surface. So all this happened and we have a small group of terrorists that are pissed. Everything else is basically some sort of weird take on today’s issues?

The world going through this kind of trauma would be a helluva lot worse off. Yes, I know this is just a set of comic book movies (and now shows) but it seems they want to be more. Just like WandaVision, I feel like this show is a little scared to really tackle some universe changing ideas.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier
“Falcon America.” Got a ring to it, dontcha think?

I actually liked most of the Sam and Bucky interactions. Aside from the silly buddy-cop tropes early in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier series, there were some really good moments between them. The strength of both these shows is developing the characters. The movies only had so much to develop these side characters and really relied more on our love of them than how they were portrayed in the movies.

And the actors in both shows are so damn good. It’s what makes the shows so watchable as these guys have been playing these characters long enough to have pretty good ideas on how the characters would react. Between that and the great production values, you could be forgiven for thinking these are better than they are.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier ends better than WandaVision and has a better message going on even though it kinda stubs its toe at the end, as opposed to WandaVision eventually coming to the end that Wanda a villain with no consequences. WandaVision however was much more entertaining to watch consistently than this was.

So your mileage may vary as they say. It’s not terrible. It actually has some ideas that are quite good. But others that aren’t followed through on very well. And finally, a main plot that just isn’t very engaging with a mistaken attempt to make the unsympathetic sympathetic. Is it about past crimes of race? Is it about globalism? Is it about dealing with the blip? Is it about taking up Cap’s mantle? Is it about stopping John Walker from soiling Cap’s legacy?

Yes, it’s about all of these and none of them gets enough attention to really create a strong through-line.

In the end, Falcon And The Winter Soldier is fine. But a few missteps from being really good. At least it’s smart enough to not go real bad either.

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