So it turns out that being surrounded by a cosplaying menagerie is exactly what the public want from their Comic-Con. The chance to meet, interact, celebrate together all under one roof is what draws people to the Con circuit and not movie marketing plans thinly disguised as panels.

The data is in, and Comic-Con@Home 2020, the reworked San Diego Comic-Con was one of the worst things to have come out of San Diego for years.

Variety are reporting on the figures and they show social engagement is down 94% over last years Comic-Con. Average views for the panels on the Thursday were disastrous coming in at 15,000 views per panel. This is way less than they achieve when the physical Con is taking place in previous years.

Social media analytics firm ListenFirst has run the numbers and thay are not good. There were only 93,681 tweets involved the convention, down from the 1,719,000 tweets about San Diego Comic-Con in 2019. That is a disastrous collapse. TV panels were down 93%, and movie panels were down an unbelievable 99%. This is catastrophic in anyones language.

The New Mutants panel scored highest, if you can call just over 200,000 views a win. Star Trek and The Walking Dead were the other top performers, along with the two Keanu Reeves-led film panels. However overall numbers will leave a few marketing egg-heads feeling suicidal.

If COVID controls role into next year then expect something very different, or no Con at all based on these numbers.