It is an often overlooked fact that the richest, most expansive empire humanity has ever seen, The British Empire, was pretty much driven by accountants and traders. Accountants and traders with private armies, but still office based Johnnies transformed globally into expansionists.

A small trading start-up with only thirty employees and a single office grew to drive the Empire. In the process they ended up effectively ruling an entire sub-continent and were the engine room of the power over one fifth of the Earth’s surface.

Now a TV adaption of William Dalrymple’s bestselling 2019 historical epic The Anarchy: The Relentless Rise Of The East India Company is coming. Siddharth Roy Kapur has secured the exclusive rights.

The book spans over two centuries and details the East India Company and how they rose to power as the Mughal Empire fell. Kapur (The Sky is Pink) is plotting a major TV adaptation that will span several seasons.

To reflect the nations being featured in the history, the team will be assembled internationally and the show will be made in several languages.

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