When the movie going environment is so weak that even the Mr Reliable of the mid-budget world, Gerard Butler, is held back by the studio, then you know things are bad. STXfilms has pulled his sci-fi disaster movie Greenland from next week. It now has no firm date but won’t be before the end of the year. Personally I expect a limited release at best and then a PVOD window is in the Ric Roman Waugh movies future.

This follows the Wonder Woman 1984 release move that then runs that movie directly into Dune therefore making that a candidate for delay too.

Now comes news from Variety that Disney are about to pull out too. Black Widow is rumored to be about to be pulled from November 6th. Just as big news, Variety is reporting that the studio is looking at different release options for Pixar’s Soul. That means it likely will never get a cinematic release that was planned for November 20th. Look to Disney+ and a model that incorporates their learning from the Mulan release.

If Black Widow movies then there is no other major tentpole left standing until No Time to Die on November 20th. With limited theaters open, a spike in infections rolling across the West, and very low appetite to go to a theater in a lot of major markets then it feels inevitable that Bond won’t return on this date.

Tenet was supposed to persuade the crowds to come back. It barely broke $29 million in North America after two weeks. That’s Ishtar and Heaven’s Gate levels of losses.