Sony Pictures Television has picked up the rights to The Destroyer. This is the mega-book series that makes even the Reacher novels look short-lived and light on numbers. The lead character is pulp action hero Remo Williams.


The character may be best known outside of filthy readers by the 1985 film Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins which starred the late, great Fred Ward in the title role, and Star Trek: Voyager captain Kate Mulgrew as the female co-lead. That movie was panned upon release but has got a cult following now as an 80s classic full of absolute silliness.

Better Call Saul producer Gordon Smith is in the big chair. He will write and executive produce.

The series of novels tell the story of government operative Williams. He is originally a cop and is framed for a crime he didn’t commit and then sentenced to death. Then he realizes his death was faked by the government. He is trained in an obscure, elite martial art and becomes an agent of CURE.

Over 150 books featuring the character of Remo Williams have been published since the first in 1971.


So plenty of source material. Apparently they plan to use everything in the books to create a:

“…cohesive and iconic international action/adventure universe…”

Key to the series of books is their sense of humor that is, at times, reminiscent of a Roger Moore James Bond movie. Shane Black previously tried, and failed, to relaunch the series for the big screen. Adrian Askarieh will executive produce.

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