As we all know, Warner Bros. Discovery is having a massive clear out and David Zaslav is wielding the axe like a man possessed. As a lifelong DC fan I’ve created my Dream Team of who I would like to fill the roles of the next Justice League.

Batgirl is obviously the highest profile casualty to date and with Ezra Miller’s continued streak of self destruction, the jury is still out on The Flash. Stark thinks WB Discovery will use The Flash to put the current DCEU out of its misery. Personally, I still think Ezra is beyond redemption and the damage he will continue to do over the next six months will leave Emperor Zaslav with no option but to scrap it and move on.

Regardless of what happens to The Flash, DC and its A-list characters are going to be racast. I know all too well that some of my Dream Team choices are a little late in the day to play these roles for the next 10 years, so this list is set in a world where miracles happen and DC once had a business plan.

My choices are based on comic book accuracy for looks, the actor’s ability to portray these characters faithfully, and roles they’ve previously played to prove they have what it takes. This is nothing more than a bit of fun and for you Outposters to debate amongst yourselves. Here goes nothing!

Batman / Bruce Wayne – Karl Urban


Karl has the looks and charm to play the suave playboy Bruce Wayne. He also has the aggression and chiselled jawline to wear the cowl as Batman.

Currently playing Butcher in The Boys, Urban has shown he is comfortable playing the nasty, violent type who is relentless in his goals. We’ve also seen him as the intimidating powerhouse in the undervalued Dredd

This role alone is the deal maker. Urban successfully managed to give us the absolute brutality of Dredd but with hints of a caring side, all the while keeping his face hidden and giving us nothing more than his jawline. Perfect.

Check him out as Dredd, how he’s not been Batman before now is beyond belief:

Green Lantern / Hal Jordan – Scott Eastwood

Green Lantern

Just look at this mo-fo, he’s a perfect Hal Jordan. With his role as Jaeger pilot Nathan Lambert in Pacific Rim proves he has the style and charisma to play the often flashy, headstrong Hal Jordan.

There’s also the fact he a pilot in real life makes this a no brainer. OK, so that’s a really lazy reason to cast him, but look at him! He is as perfect for Green Lantern as Chris Evans was for Captain America. 

Check out some scenes of Eastwood in Pacific Rim, I think I’ve picked a winner here:

Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz) – Chiwetel Ejiofor

Martian Manhunter

Chiwetel has a fantastic body of work proving he has all the capabilities to carry off the many complexities of the telepath, shape shifting and often emotionally vulnerable J’onn J’onzz. 

I’ve recently watched The Man Who Fell To Earth (a sequel to the David Bowie cult classic) series starring ​​Chiwetel and he was excellent. He played an alien called Faraday who is visiting Earth in search of Bowie’s Thomas Newton. He flips between a figure of authority to one often struggling with human emotions. 

His utter bewilderment at human society, full of potential but seemingly hell bent on self destruction gives him the perfect experience to play the Martian Manhunter.

Check him out in the trailer below and you will see exactly what I mean:

Wonder Woman – Alexandra Daddario

God damn. No other words necessary. 

Dream Team Wonder Woman

The Flash – Ryan Gosling

Dream Team The Flash

I don’t need to tell you Gosling looks the part, like Eastwood for Green Lantern, Gosling was born for this role. 

He’ll bring the comic book accuracy of someone who is a nerd and socially awkward as Barry Allen whilst also extremely intelligent. But as the The Flash, he’s confident, quick witted and sharp tongued, not dissimilar to Peter Parker / Spider-Man. 

I’m not going to go into Miller’s portrayal as The Flash, where’s he comes across as a semi retarded twat. Gosling has what it takes to bring back all the attributes that make The Flash such a fantastic superhero and give him the credit and respect he deserves. 

You want to see Gosling play someone who is a little awkward, shy but with a moral compass who isn’t afraid to step up and get things done, then look no further than Drive:

Aquaman – Charlie Hunnam


I’ll be honest, this was a tough one to cast. Originally I thought about Alexander Ludwig from Vikings but something just felt off. Instead I went for Hunnam and not because we’ve already seen him play a reluctant King Arthur

I like Hunnam because in the roles I’ve seen him take on, he seems more than comfortable playing a bit of a loner who often doesn’t seem to quite fit in. 

He also has that look about him that makes you want to keep him a little at arm’s length for fear of him snapping over a wrong comment. An ideal Aquaman in my eyes.

Superman – Aaron Taylor-Johnson

It’s so crazy, it might just work!

Oh my days, is this a hard one! I still think that Henry Cavill is still the perfect casting and like Christopher Reeve before him, it’s difficult to see anyone else in the role now. Also, there just doesn’t seem to anyone out there I can see as the Man Of Steel. The closest I got to was Armie Hammer but for obvious reasons, he’s well out of the picture. 

So with the current crop to choose from, I’ve gone for Aaron Taylor-Johnson. I know a lot of you will be all WTF, he’s lost his damn mind so I’ll do my best to make my case.

I first considered ATJ because he’s no stranger to comic book movies. From Kick-Ass, to Avengers Age Of Ultron and the soon to be Kraven, he knows what he’s doing in this genre. 

With his role as the young John Lennon in Nowhere Boy as well as his stand out role in Kick-Ass, ATJ has shown he can play the shy, unassuming character needed for someone like Clark Kent. 

On the other side he played a man determined to get things done against all odds in Godzilla. As well as an authoritative no nonsense character, Ives in Tenet. Admittedly it was a much smaller role than anything near the magnitude of Superman, but it shows he can do it.

Most surprisingly he actually looks the part. I never in a million years thought he would but the more I researched him, I could see he’s recently bulked up for his role as Kraven and you know what, he could actually pull this off!

So, that’s my DC Dream Team. What do you think, do you have better casting decisions that I’ve overlooked? Let me know in the comments you magnificent heathens.

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