The CW is the teen and twentysomething network, right? With it’s lightweight and harmless DC fare like The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow? With stuff like Riverdale? It’s what your kids watch?

The Barry Allen who isn’t a liability

Not quite. Something has gone dreadfully, shockingly wrong. Either with their marketing and targeting, or with the human race in general. The CW is also the lowest-rated among all five broadcast networks. The 15-to-30 audience demographic just isn’t turning out. This is usually blamed on a love of watching YouTube on their phones and Netflix in every home.

The Nexstar Media Group is after a majority share in The CW and in a call with analysts yesterday their executives outlined their mission to turn it into a more cost-conscious broadcaster that appeals to a broader audience.

It was in this call that a bombshell was dropped. The average CW viewer is 58 years old.

58! For a network that targets teens and twentysomethings. Houston, America… Earth, we have a problem!

The mind boggles at exactly what 58 year olds are doing watching The CW. This is potentially people with long careers behind them and a 401k and retirement in their immediate future. What the hell are they doing watching Nancy Drew and Stargirl? Has Western humanity been infantilised even more than we feared?

Borderline pensioners be like…

Nexstar president and chief operating officer Tom Carter had this to say on the call:

“As many of you are aware, The CW is currently the lowest-rated broadcast network, which we believe largely reflects the fact that its programming is targeted for an 18-to-34 audience demographic, while the average age of the CW broadcast viewer is 58 years. Over time, we’ll be taking a different approach to our CW programming strategy.”

Carter also says in the near future, The CW will add more cost-effective unscripted programming and high-quality syndicated programming as opposed to its prior focus on expensive, original scripted content, which is uncommon among major broadcast networks.

So reality shows and re-runs. Expect a cancellation bloodbath in the near future which will also fit with Warner Bros. Discovery and their plans to declutter the DC universe.

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