After some news that seemed to throw a doubt on the CW and their entire strategy earlier this summer, that their audience is on average 58 years old when they are targeting the 15-30 demographic, the CW has new owners and is charting a new course.

New owners Nexstar aim to both broaden the audience and cater to these older viewers as the largest pool of customers.

According to Deadline, The CW is now pursuing a mixture of procedural dramas, multi-camera sitcoms and dramas targeted at older audiences that can be watched in a linear fashion. They claim the CW will continue with genre shows and teen soaps, these are not being stopped altogether. There will just be less of them.

The CW… changing

Apparently the 2022/23 schedule is already set but this will kick in from 2023/24. So farewell The Flash, Superman & Lois and other capes related shows, hello FBI-Portland and ATF-Miami, probably something set around a hospital and a succession of soon-to-be-cancelled sitcoms until they find one that sticks.

More of these will be third party produced so right now every television production company in the land is dusting off its files and pulling out everything they were ever pitched.

Before purchase by Nexstar, the CW was a limited liability joint venture originally between the CBS Entertainment Group unit of Paramount Global, the former owner of the defunct television network UPN, and the Warner Bros. unit of Warner Bros. Discovery, former majority owner of the defunct television network The WB.

The network’s name is an abbreviation derived from the first letters of the names of its two parent corporations at the time of its founding: “C” for CBS Corporation and “W” for Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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