Netflix has finally released the full trailer for the fifth season of The Crown. Opening with the dramatic scenes of the fire at Windsor Castle, we hear Imelda Staunton as the Queen inform us that:

“The last 12 months have been proper shit and now me castle is on fire innit. I got a feeling in me guts that the 1990s are about to be a load of old bollocks.”

OK, I admit that’s not exactly what she says but Netflix has been overly keen to remind everyone that their show is a “dramatization inspired by real events” so I thought I would take the artistic license a step further.

As I reported earlier this week, the 90s was not a good decade for the Royals and there is a growing sense of unease and dare I say it panic, that this season of The Crown could upset a lot of people.

With the recent death of Queen Elizabeth who reigned for an astonishing 70 years and the very delicate subject matters this season will bring, Netflix is making all the right noises to remind people that not everything they see on screen really did happen…


Season 5 is sure to be a real headline grabber. We’re going get divorces, scandals, adultery, fires, rebellion, a very public and now infamous tell-all interview, and of course car crashes and deaths.

Whilst downing pints of Stella at his local, King Charles reportedly said:

“I’ll tell you what my old son, looking back at this dodgy period in me family’s history, makes that 80s show Dallas, look like a f*****g Disney movie.”

OK, that was also a dramatization and it wasn’t even close to a real-life event (Chaz doesn’t even like Stella he’s more of a Moretti man), but I appreciate that The Crown isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so I’m just playing my part and trying to get people to watch it.

Seriously you plebs, you should check it out, innit.

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