Netflix has unveiled a set of images from The Crown‘s upcoming fifth season showing off a brand new cast.

We get a good look at young Princes William and Harry, along with photos of Imelda Staunton as the Queen, Elizabeth Debicki as Diana, Dominic West as Charles, and Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip.

The Crown S5 Queen
Imelda Staunton and Jonathan Pryce as Queen Liz and Prince Pip.

Royals In The 90s

Season 5 will be set in 90’s Britain – which was awesome – and a time of great change for us Brits. It was also quite possibly one of the most difficult periods in the Royal family’s long storied history.

The public openly questions the Royals’ role in modern society, we got the very public breakdown of Charles and Diana’s marriage. And on top of that, we had the divorce of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, the fire at Windsor Castle, and finally the untimely death of Princess Di in 1997.

The Crown 5 Boat
From left to right: Chaz, Harry, Di and Bill on a boat.
The Crown S5
Leslie Manville as Princess Margaret.


After the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II and all the pomp and ceremony of her funeral which was watched by an estimated 4 billion people (it would have been 4 billion and 1 if Boba Phil wasn’t such a cold-hearted communist), there is a new sense of patriotism in the air at the moment. Netflix must be thinking they are on a knife edge with this season of The Crown

Over the last day or two, the usual ‘celebrity’ Royalists have been making various guest appearances on news channels to discuss the upcoming season, and you tell there is a sense of unease about the unavoidable subject matters that season 5 will be tackling.

Chaz and Camila
Dominic West with Olivia Williams as Camila Parker Bowles.
Crown 5
Jonny Lee Miller as Prime Minister John Major.


Amazingly, 25 years later, Princess Di’s death is still a delicate subject and people are still genuinely emotional about it.

Producers of the show have said they will handle Diana’s death with sensitivity and are determined to get it right. And although it is understood that the makers do not plan to show the moment of the crash, they will portray scenes leading up to it and its aftermath.

I became addicted to The Crown when my wife started watching it. I dismissed it out of hand at first but I quickly found myself not only engrossed in it but actually looking forward to sitting down in the evening, with a cup of tea and a scone to watch the latest episode.

Whether you are a fan or not, the fifth season is expected to be must-watch TV and I highly recommend it. The Crown Season 5 premieres November 9 on Netflix.

Dominic West as Prince Charles.

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