Pride, avarice, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony, and sloth may be the seven sins, but if there were eight then surely wastefulness would be on this list. You sinners positively reek of wastefulness! Look at you all. Consumers. Buyers. Shelves groaning under the weight of your rapaciousness.

Why, it’s a wonder the Goddess Gal Gadot hasn’t smited you all where you stand!

You can tell from that how much she loves a good, hard smiting!

But fear not. Although you are weak and, some might say, feeble we here at the Last a Movie Outpost allow you to cleanse your souls by confessing all in front of the Goddess through her humble vessel on Earth, I, the most reverend Reverend.

Confession today is centred on this wastefulness. Your anal completeness or your wanton consumerism? It makes no difference to us. But you must confess!

What is the shameful secret that lurks on your DVD shelf? Or deep in a box of purchased VHS tapes? The one laser disc than never got played?

What is the worst movie you own? What movie did you buy on any format simply because you had all the others? Or your choice was limited and the cash was there and you weren’t going home empty handed?

My shame is total. My wastefulness is Olympian. Before I found the Goddess I was profligate. I owned a device back in the dark days before even DVD. This device was a little known effort called a Phillips CDi. I was one of the 12 people who purchased such a Satanic implement!

It played games and movies from CD-ROM. So staggeringly superior to VHS was the quality, yet so limited was the library of movies available in the format, that it was inevitable that I would eventually own such a complete stinker as…

Oh Goddess, it was awful! So awful it starred one of the Baldwins that isn’t Alec.

So my soul is cleansed by the purging of confession. Now it is your turn.