Saturday is very nearly Sunday, and so it is time for the Last Movie Outpost Confession Booth to return! Once again I, the most reverend Reverend will act as the Goddess Gal Gadot’s servant here on the internet to take your confessions.

Today we judge the weakness that has left its stain on your soul, the stinking sin of your addictions. You cannot escape it’s foul stench as you carry this everywhere but we, at the Outpost, will help you share this burden. It’s like a service we provide in exchange for clicks.

The Goddess stands ready to judge you, you disgusting sinner!

In today’s confession we want to know which movie you are addicted to, so hopelessly, that you are incapable of switching it off. You know the story. There you are, already wallowing in your pit of sin, sometimes even deep into your second bottle of sinning of the night. Before you retire from an evenings good, hard sinning you idly flick through channels.

And there it is. Your weakness in movie form. A movie you are incapable of turning off. A movie that you are then required to watch to the end.

i stand before in judgement after confessing to my own sin. I am incapable of switching off Jaws.

Whether I turn it on as Chrissie takes to the water, or as Hooper takes to the cage, I have to watch it until the end no matter what time it is.

Your turn. Unburden your soul. Confess…  CONFESS!