Praise be unto the Goddess! As this most spiritual time approaches us in the form of Christmas, it is with rapture that we learn that the Goddess herself may be appearing in our very own homes. All we require for this miracle to occur is a subscription to the sermons of HBO Max. Praise be! We must prepare, my brothers in sin. Our souls must be cleansed and prepared for her arrival. So it falls to me, the most reverend Reverend, to prepare you for such a visitation. Together, we can get off the naughty list!

The judgment must be rendered absolute. There must be no sin left uncleansed. Our very soul must be laid out, prostrate, for her judgment. My flock, prepare your Geek Credentials for examination. You must pass muster! Today’s confession is simple, but deep. Like a Kid Rock song.

What is the most movie Geek thing you have ever done?

Hark… the Goddess approaches! Judgment is at hand. Prepare your souls.

As usual I must lead by example. I love a good, hard confession followed by the sweet release of a cleansing. I will confess for you.

Being a fan of the British Gentleman spy James Bond,  I once  drove more than two hours out of my way top attend a Gun Club that was open to non-members that also had a Walther PPK available on the list of club guns for rental. I feel dirty even writing that down. The stench of sin is almost too much to bear.

And now, it is your turn. The Goddess approaches. The time for her visitation is near. Your soul must be prepared. Confess. CONFESS!!!