There was very nearly bloodshed earlier at the Outpost, and it was nothing to do with those Norwegian sinners just over there, and their over excited dogs!  A chance comment did unleash, well, at least more than one horseman!

So once again it falls to me, the most reverend Reverend to bring forth your shame so all may hear your confessions once more.  Your dirty, filthy shame is no longer your burden to carry alone.

We will hear your confession and decide your penance.

Today’s confession is centred upon the graven images some may choose to worship in defiance of excellence.

What movies are completely, and totally overrated?

As I cannot lead you to wander for 40 days and 40 nights in the wasteland left by your disgusting, dark movie secrets without first bringing myself to salvation I lead with this most startling outpouring of cinematic contrarian feeling.

Blade Runner is completely overrated.

Sure, it looks as beautiful as gazing on the face of a slightly rain sodden angel.  However it is as dull as Sunday School after they banned the Book Of Revelation from the curriculum.

Harrison Ford is half asleep, nothing really happens, it’s as slow as an eternity of suffering and while it tries as hard as Bethlehem donkey to make something of its themes of what humanity really is, it doesn’t hit the mark.

An ad-libbed speech by the Prophet Rutger Hauer, made up by him and left in, is a high point but just exposes the paucity of the rest of the film.

No movie should need as many different cuts and versions as this movie has, it just means that the Director can’t stop tinkering.  And don’t even get me, the most patient of reverend Reverends started on the “Deckard is a Replicant” nonsense.  That is all made up, after the fact, heresy that Ridley Scott only adopted when he had his fourth version of the movie to sell after fan speculation beat him to it.

There!  Confession was good for my soul.  How about yours?  What movies are completely overrated?