The stench of your sins once more rises throughout the land. Filthy, disgusting sin of the kind that I have been told exists in some places on the internet. Allegedly. Now a reckoning must occur. Judgment is upon us. Your soul must be saved, you filthy sinner. Once again it falls to me, the most reverend Reverend, to open up the Last Movie Outpost Confession Booth once again.

The sin shall be feasted upon by the Goddess Gal Gadot, as she renders judgement on your transgressions. Hark, for she awakes, and she is hungry.

The subject of our trip to the LMO Confession Booth this time is one that will cause sin to flow. Do you secretly think Christopher Walken would have made a better Han Solo than Harrison Ford? You carry a torch, quietly, for Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice? Do you think It’s a Wonderful Life is schmaltzy trash? The subject of this confession is…

What is the most controversial movie opinion you have always kept to yourself?

It is time to unburden your soul, throw yourself, prostrate on the mercy of the Goddess and be free!

As always, he who is without sin can lead a horse to water, or something. So it falls to me, the quasi-religious leader of this flock, to cast the first stone in the name of Gadot. So here it is:

All manga is a bit shit, and people who like it are wrong ‘uns who need their hard drive checked.

There. Now I have done it. Will I need protection? Will the Church of our Goddess Gal Gadot be raised to the ground by an angry mob? I feel lighter than immediately after my morning ablutions. I can finally be free! Now it is your turn. You must confess. CONFESS!

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